Raleigh County Community Corrections
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Random Drug Screens

The Raleigh County Community Corrections program provides clients with random drug screens ranging from once per month up to 5 days per week as requested by the clients referral or court order.

Clients are given a unique color that corresponds with a screen frequency. The clients have a responsibility of calling into our office every day to determine if they need to screen that day. If their given color is listed on the day's screening list they are to report to our office to screen that day.

All drug screens processed at RCCC are monitored to ensure authenticity of the sample. Samples can be tested with an instant-result cup and/or sent to the lab for confirmation.

Compliance Monitoring

The compliance monitoring component provides a more intensive set of standards for completion. Clients participate in the community correction program as determined by their case manager. Participation in the program may include group classes, community service or counseling.

Depending on the desired level of supervision clients can be given a daily curfew that must be maintained. Clients are monitored for compliance by the home confinement office using a GPS bracelet to insure they are meeting the conditions of their sentence.

Group Classes

Group classes are provided for clients to address key issues in their behavior. Group classes include a 3 tier substance abuse program, anger management and life skills. Other off-site classes are available including a ladies discussion group provided by One Voice of Beckley. Individual counseling is also available for clients who need more individualized intervention. Contact our office for financial and insurance information.

Class placement is determined by the client's case manager following an interview and completion of assessments to find the proper level of service needed for each client.

To see a calendar of current classes please visit our documents page.

Community Service

Community service projects are led by the community service director who transports clients to and from the designated work sites each day. Community service is conducted five days per week and lasts until the clients sentence has been completed, the client gains full-time employment or the client's court order/referral conditions have been met.

If you are interested in more information on the community service component contact our office at 304.255.3794

If you are interested in utilizing the Raleigh County Community Corrections community service workers contact the community service director at 304.573.5378

Case Management

All clients referred to the Raleigh County Community Corrections program are assigned a case manager who will work with them to provide the best services available. Initial client intakes are completed by the case manager and a case plan is developed to give clients specific goals to work towards. This may include the completion of substance abuse or other cognitive behavior classes, individual counseling, job search, GED enrollment, community service completion, and/or any other services deemed necessary.

Case managers are available during office hours to assist their clients as necessary to ensure each client successfully meets their case plan goals. Additionally, case managers are available to provide feedback and answer any questions to the clients referrer including providing a monthly progress report sent each month summarizing the progress of their clients. If you have a question about your clients progress feel free to contact their case manager during office hours.

Give Us a Call

If you have any questions about any service mentioned on this page or if you would like more details on any of the services provided by our program feel free to give us a call. Community service and Day Report services at 304.255.3794 and Home Confinement at 304-255-3797

Be sure to visit our Contact Us page for our address, fax number and directions to our office.